One of Parnell's most vibrant institutions, 46 & York will not be opening when we go into Level 2.

Owner Dana Johnston says the decision to place the establishment into liquidation has not been made lightly and like many in hospitality the squeeze has been tough.

The cumulative effect of the seasonal downturn of winter after lockdown and uncertain economic times are some of the factors that made Johnson conclude that the prudent and responsible thing to do, for all of those affected, such as the staff and the creditors, was to make the humbling decision to hand the business over to the liquidator.

"Six years of blood, sweat and tears went into 46 & York," Johnston tells Spy. "I loved the business and what it offered, particularly to my locals. The decision was certainly an emotional one and one I believe to have been a last resort, but ultimately - it's the right one."

46 & York owner Dana Johnston
46 & York owner Dana Johnston

And what a six years it has been. Famous faces have enjoyed the trendy bar and restaurant, the wall of the stairs had many well-known about-towners, including former Prime Minister Sir John Key.

Johnston includes the many friends and families, special parties, the election night of President Trump, the polo after-parties and the annual 46 birthday party, as memories that are everlasting. But the best memories are from the Rugby World Cup win in 2015.

"It was a place where people across all demographics came to sit in the sunshine, relax and celebrate," he says.

Johnston hopes the red-brick building goes to someone in hospitality and that they ensure quality food and beverage is on offer and the locals are looked after.

"Whether it be to further develop the 46 & York brand or create their own, Parnell deserves its own experienced operator and institution," he says.

Johnston is still the proud owner of Pineapple Bar which is up the road from 46, on Parnell Rise and, with his business partners, is working to ensure the beautiful cocktail bar will come back stronger, energised and evolved. He is working closely with suppliers, whom he says have looked after them generously throughout the years.

We are sure all of his locals from both venues will be back when they can to toast him.