The Bachelorette has the help of a mole among the 22 bachelors, Spy can reveal.

Voice actor and podcaster Daryl Habraken is the inside guy in the mansion to help Bachelorette, Dr Lesina Nakhid-Schuster, separate the princes from the frogs, telling her who is there for the right reasons.

Moles on past shows have been great entertainment for the international reality franchise and Habraken's presence among the unsuspecting bachelors will make for cringe-worthy television on the TVNZ 2 show.

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Habraken seems perfect for the role. In one day he was playing bachelor to media by saying his dating history was a disaster and that his love was a tidal wave and Lesina was like a beachfront property. He also said he was 37.

The next minute he was telling Spy he loved being the spy in the mansion and becoming "the David Attenborough of the male species," for the doctor. He said he was 40.

"It's my intention to dig deep and see through the surface demeanour of the lads and find any undesirable traits," Habraken tells Spy.

"Lesina is a classy but feisty woman who can handle herself better than most, but with 22 wannabe alpha males vying for her affection, those odds are stacked worse than Ponsonby at 2am."

We are told such alpha males include Perth production development manager Liam Cochrane, who says he's proudly an arrogant and cocky guy, and Auckland personal trainer Glenn Richards, who says his ex would describe him as the "best guy she's ever dated".

Habraken says he enjoyed being dropped in a battle zone of testosterone.

"An added extra for me was the opportunity to observe the psychology of the male species in such unusual circumstances. It brought out the best and worst in some of our suitors," he says.

Daryl Habraken and Dr Lesina Nakhid-Schuster The Bachelorette Supplied to Spy January 2020
Daryl Habraken and Dr Lesina Nakhid-Schuster The Bachelorette Supplied to Spy January 2020

He promises many pleasant surprises but even more face-palm moments.


"Viewers won't be disappointed, there are some outstanding gentlemen, who give you hope in humanity, as well as a few others, who will have you on your knees screaming at the TV," he says.

"There are some who play it safe and others who will swoop in at any opportunity and like any great NatGeo documentary, there are plenty of bighorn rams butting heads in some dramatic confrontations."

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