A new no-holds-barred comedy travel show is taking an innovative approach to raising money - asking you to pay.

Auckland Daze and Westside's Glen Levy and Jono and Ben's Yvette Harvie-Salter have teamed up to create Global Misadventures - a humorous, prank-filled attempt to reinvent the travel show.

"The traditional means of creating TV have become quite constrictive. We don't want to bake cakes, get married to strangers or survive on an island with B-list celebrities," the pair told Spy.

"We realised very early, that in order to keep control of the show's hilarious content, we would have to crowdfund through Kickstarter."


The couple met seven years' ago while working on the second series of Auckland Daze. They have found themselves in crazy situations all over the globe, planting the seed for the show.

They say that creating their own programme means they won't have to water down any of their jokes.

"Travel is risky, dangerous, exhausting and exciting. With travel comes conflict, laughter, bribery and a lack of toilet paper. We intend to show the world back to itself, warts and all."

Glen Levy and Yvette Harvie-Salter Spy
Glen Levy and Yvette Harvie-Salter Spy

They say their backers not only get a healthy dose of good karma, they also receive a variety of gifts at each tier, all the way to becoming an executive producer.

Before going global, the pair intend to travel the length of New Zealand for their pilot episode, getting into as much dare-devilling mischief as they can and show the world NZ as it has never been shown. Given Levy's stunt background, they intend to push the boundaries of what they can film.

They will say yes to every challenge given to them. They are hoping Netflix says yes to their pilot and if you want them to really push the boundaries go to www.kickstarter.com and search for Global Misadventures and let them begin.