As the nation is reeling from the All Blacks' shock loss against England in the Rugby World Cup on Saturday night, some of our local celebrities have taken to social media to share their own thoughts on the match.

Most notably, Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry pretty much summed up everyone's feelings about the game in real time, using only GIFs.

Looking on the plus side, she wrote that she could at least start making plans for next Saturday night and she posted a photo the Herald on Sunday's front page which she said made her "laugh out loud" following "last night's disappointment".

Fellow broadcaster John Campbell described the affair as an "utter bummer" but still very gracefully gave credit where it was due.


He wrote on Twitter: "The best team won. I wish we'd been better, but we were brilliantly outplayed. Forensically, architecturally, passionately and brilliantly. England deserved it. What a total and utter bummer."

Comedian Guy Williams live tweeted his way through the nail-biter of a game via a series of jokes - "Come on England... please! We need this... we literally put all our eggs in one basket... and this is it!" - but when all was said and done, he too admitted he was "gutted".

He wrote: "Absolutely gutting. Congrats to England on a great Semi Final... I'm sad, guys."

Former PM Helen Clarke even took time out of her busy schedule to acknowledge it was a "sad night for #AllBlacks and fans at #rugbyworldcup2019," however she maintained that the "the best team on the night" won, saying the All Blacks "weren't in the game".

Actor Sam Neill wrote that he was "feeling a little crushed" by the defeat, but said the All Blacks still did New Zealand proud.

Meanwhile, superstar director Taika Waititi injected his now world-famous sense of humour to lighten the situation, promising that the loss was all part of the plan.

While ABs fans are all sharing in their collective upset today, at least no one can say we weren't good sports about it.

Kia kaha, rugby fans!