The stars of TV show Celebrity Treasure Island put their differences aside and reunited at a glamorous corporate boxing event last night.

The stars of the controversy-plagued show had two VIP tables at the Fight Night event hosted by fellow contestant and former boxer Shane Cameron.

Sam Wallace, host Matt Chisholm, Barbara Kendall, Lily McManus, and Karl Burnett were all smiles and well-fed at the event. Kendall was also celebrating her birthday.

Cameron was in a much better mood at the event hosted by his company CounterPunch.


In the throes of extreme hunger on Celebrity Treasure Island, Cameron slammed opposition players' niggling tactics.

"They say 'yum' - they always make cheeky remarks afterwards," he said on the show after the opposing team won a food prize.

"They say 'oh we only won that because we were full in our tummies'.

"They all do it. You won it fair and square but just less of the remarks afterwards."

Sam Wallace and Clinton Randall at Fight Night. Photo / Supplied
Sam Wallace and Clinton Randall at Fight Night. Photo / Supplied

The Celebrity Treasure Island stars were also joined by Cameron's fellow contestants from Dancing with the Stars - Clinton Randall and William Waiirua.

Cameron had a guest spot on the latest season of Dancing with the Stars.

He was a contestant in the 2015 season of the TV3 Show.