Among the international mega-stars and the influencers, is there a new Insta-star on the horizon?

At 80, Sir Michael Hill thought he was starting an "Instaweb" account — but now he's got going his gram game is good.

"My account is purely personal, there's no link to the business," Hill told Spy. "While I can't really be separated from the brand and will always be fanatical about the business, it is just a bit of fun now I have some extra time on my hands. It'll all be about what happens in my real life and provide an insight into my zany brain."

So far Hill has given his followers a glimpse of time in Fiji, with private planes and selfies with sailor and rower Rob Hamill and former broadcaster Paul Henry.


"Paul is one of my favourite people. My first impression of him was that he was brash, and didn't listen to anyone — but he's actually quite different. He's sincere and often shy. He's agreed to be the MC for my book launch in Auckland in November which is fantastic. He's sailing around the world at the moment, in a motor boat, which is extraordinary. I caught up with him in Fiji which is where I took that Instagram photo."

Hill's book Catch and Release is an autobiography, which will include a collection of his famous sketches/doodles.

"It's over 400 pages and includes a thousand of my personal cartoons which I have sketched throughout my life, as well as provoking thoughts, quotes, tips on goal setting, philosophies and learnings. It also includes a bit of fun and nonsense — like the Instaweb!"

Hill already has 195 followers — but wife Christine is not one of them as she is yet to embrace the gram.