From music royalty to rich listers, Ricardo Simich explores New Zealand's most powerful family dynasties.

The Richest Family

New Zealand's wealthiest man, Graeme Hart, and his family are worth an estimated $9 billion.

Son Harry has gone into business with his dad. The Harts have gone into the Fast Moving Consumer Goods business, buying and bringing together Hubbards, Hansells and Gregg's Sauces under the umbrella company of Walter & Wild, combining some of New Zealand's best-known food brands into a food manufacturing powerhouse.

Hart, who last year gave $10 million to Otago University to build a new dental school in


They're in Fashion

Foxes Sport

Tourism Genes


Thespian Bloodlines

The Adventurous Son

Father and Son

The Family Car

Proud Rachel

Political Drama

Horses for Courses

Safe as Houses

And finally . . .