The Hits Breakfast host Toni Street likes to support a good cause and also — apparently — really likes ice cream.

She revealed on air that she had recently won a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's ice cream at a school fundraising auction.

"I was strategic — and you've got to be at a charity auction — because you look at the book and you go 'well that's gonna go for way too much'," she said, before explaining that she decided to bid for the ice cream because she thought no one else would want it.

Guest host Scotty Stevenson looked incredulous as Street revealed what the sweet treats had cost her.


"I wanted to donate to the school, so it was $600," she said, adding that she now had "dozens of tubs" of the ice cream in her freezers at home.

"You bought a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's? Oh my God!" exclaimed Stevenson.

"I have to say, my children are very, very excited about it," Street said.

This article was originally published on The Hits and is republished here with permission.