Bungy jumping, skydiving, travel and maybe even a permanent home one day — Liam Stewart, son of Rachel Hunter and rocker Sir Rod Stewart, has revealed plans for his new life in Queenstown.

Stewart, 24, has embedded himself in Queenstown and has been enjoying some good play on the ice with his new team, Queenstown's SkyCity Stampede. This comes after he missed most of last year due to concussion, which kept him off the ice.

Stewart said he was settling in with the "great guys" in his team and also with his mum — though don't expect her to be shouting from the crowd.

"My mum was excited that I got to come home for a bit, down in New Zealand. I don't think she watches the game, but she keeps up and asks how the game goes and stuff like that," Stewart said.


He had been wanting to play in New Zealand for a couple of years but it never worked out due to his commitments in Britain, including being part of the national team.

But after that year off through injury, Stampede player Mike McRae messaged Stewart on Facebook and things fell into place.

Stewart is taking his time in New Zealand in his stride. He plans to explore his mother's homeland more but is not sure what the future will bring on the ice.

Liam Stewart starting over in the South
Liam Stewart starting over in the South

"Definitely a bit of travel. Bit of bungy jump, maybe a skydive. But, yeah just travel and have fun and hang out with the boys. Queenstown is beautiful. I've never been here before so it's a first for me and hopefully I get to explore a little more.

"I've definitely thought about moving to New Zealand, but you know my girlfriend's back home in LA (Nicole Artukovich) and her family — and my family, well my family's sort of all over the place. But we'll see. Queenstown's been nothing but great so far so, you know, maybe one day, we'll see."

Stewart is also getting used to the smaller scene here, having played at iconic sporting venues like the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

But he says the crowd more than makes up for it.

"The fans are unreal. If you heard it, you wouldn't think you were in a small little barn, you'd think you were in a 5000-person stadium, but they're unreal here. Nothing but great support."


Stewart enjoyed a stellar debut for the Stampede, scoring in a victory.

But after a year out, he was just glad to get through it.

"I feel good. Well, I don't feel good, my head feels good. But my cardio and everything, I'm dying out there. It's tough keeping up with everyone but hopefully I get there mid season.