It's turning into a very busy 2019 for Kiwi Hollywood actress Anna Hutchison.

This week, the former Go Girls star and film producer husband Mike Gillespie announced at Baby Beach in Maui, Hawaii, that they are having their own baby.

Hutchison who married Gillespie in December at Mudbrick on Waiheke, wrote on social media: "We already love you so much".

The busy actress will be on the red carpet in Scotland in three weeks at The Edinburgh International Film Festival, where her movie Robert the Bruce, a sequel to Braveheart will headline the festival and have its world premiere.

Hutchison in LA last October. Photo / Getty Images
Hutchison in LA last October. Photo / Getty Images

Set several years after the events in Braveheart, the movie sees Angus Macfadyen reprise his portrayal of Robert the Bruce nearly 25 years on from his appearance in the original movie.

Hutchison plays Scottish widow Morag, who saves the injured King of Scotland, who then stays with her and her family on a secluded farm in the Scottish Highlands. There, he draws new vigour to resume the cause of Scottish independence.

The excitement doesn't stop there. Other movies Hutchison has coming up are: thriller Secrets at the Lake, which is in post-production; romance, Starting Up Love; plus Venetian thriller Masks Don't Lie, which is in pre-production, and another film recently announced, fire-fighting drama Into the Fire.

When filming Robert the Bruce last year, 33-year-old Hutchison told Spy she had watched Braveheart more than 100 times while studying the film for fifth form English. She memorised the whole screenplay and got 98 per cent in her exam.

Anna Hutchison on set for the movie Robert the Bruce. Photo / Instagram
Anna Hutchison on set for the movie Robert the Bruce. Photo / Instagram

Hutchison had worked with Macfadyen in 2017 and they got along famously. The pair are both part of the movie's production as well as starring. She loves that their movie tells the story from a woman's eyes.

"It was an honour playing a resilient, incredibly smart and fierce warrior," she told us.

On the announcement her movie would headline Edinburgh, she wrote on Instagram:
"They say you should never meet your idols. I don't agree. I say meet them and make a film with them! I can't wait for you all to see #TheBruce @edfilmfest." She tagged the rest of the cast.