The Hits' drive team has weighed in on Israel Folau's next career move, jokingly wondering if he might be New Zealand's next Brian Tamaki.

Hits hosts Stacey Morrison and Mike Puru were joined by regular recurring guest Anika Moa on Wednesday's show, and discussed Folau's controversial statements that homosexual people were destined to go to hell.

It could've been a thorny issue considering Mike and Anika are both out and proud, but they managed to find humour in it all.

Anika mused: "His career may be over or may not be, I'm not sure... but he's just gonna make a great evangelical, quite frankly. He's gonna move onto evangelism, and they make way more money than league players - Brian Tamaki anyone?"


Mike simply suggested that the whole controversy "says more about him" than anyone else. He also quipped: "It's such a shame because Israel was quite hot."

Anika joked: "Well, you're going to hell ya homosexual, are you a drunk as well? Because that's double."

However, on a more serious note, Anika said that the issue needed to be discussed for the good of others.

"There are people committing suicide... because they second guess themselves, they think they're dirty, they think they're not good people. It's not good.

"I just think; don't ruin our buzz! We're having so much fun and you only have one life so just live it as freely as you can."

Watch the full clip above.