Riverdale star Cole Sprouse has dished the dirt on his co-star and BFF, Kiwi actor KJ Apa.

When Sprouse joined ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan this morning, Megan asked if he had any "dirt" on the KJ that they "could use against him" next time they see him.

And Sprouse barely even hesitated.

"Oh man, yes! Firstly you guys should do yourself the service and YouTube "young KJ Apa". There are some videos - and I won't tell you which ones exactly, because you are going to have an absolute fit when you find them - but there are videos where he is in a little baby talent show doing his thing musically."


"He also - I don't know if you guys know this - but he used to be a busker in the city that he lived in and grew up in. He used to put himself on the street corners and play guitar for money which is amazing to me," continued Sprouse.

"Next time he is in your guys' studio make sure you pester him about that!"

We love your honesty, Cole.

Watch the chat in the video above!

Check out this clip we found of KJ "doing his thing" and absolutely shredding on the streets.