Heartbreak Island season two has started and the four hosts of Breakfast have had some fun with the cast.

But no one had more fun than Hayley Holt.

During this morning's episode, Holt and Jack Tame interviewed a few of the contestants - with Daniel Faitaua and Matty McLean helping the pair out with their questions through hidden earpieces.

Faitaua was quick to make Holt ask a naughty question to unsuspecting Frenchman, Thiabault.


It took Holt three attempts to ask: "If I was a baguette, what filling would you put in me?"

Thiabault raised his eyebrows, looked very uneasy and smiled sheepishly.

Tame was tasked with having to unbutton his shirt because the sun was "making him too hot" while interviewing a contestant called Jasmine.

Watch the hilarious clip unfold below!