As reality TV stars on opposite sides of the ditch it seems Tracey Jewel and Angela Stone have a lot to bond over.

Married at First Sight Australia star Jewel and Stone from Real Housewives of Auckland fame have met up in Auckland, Woman's Day reports.

Stone, 46, attended the launch for Jewel's new book Don't Mess with the Goddess and the pair have made plans to meet up in Sydney later this year.

It seems the pair had a lot to talk about as both women were subject to a fair amount of bullying during their time on their respective reality TV shows.


Jewel faced online criticism over her looks and her decision to stay with Dean Wells throughout the show despite him cheating on her.

Stone meanwhile found herself on the receiving end of nasty comments from fellow castmember Michelle Blachard.

"I thought I had it bad, but she was bullied so much worse on Housewives," Jewel, 35, told Woman's Day.

Stone watched Jewel on MAFS knew she had to meet her.

The pair "talked a lot about online trolls", Stone said.