We assure you that you are not seeing double.

It's been a long time coming but local documentary maker David Farrier has finally met his doppelganger, the international documentary maker Louis Theroux.

It is Theroux's first visit to Auckland. He is here to perform his live show Without Limits tonight at the Civic.

For years Farrier has weathered comparison to the BBC filmmaker, even commenting on the phenomenon in a cover story with the Herald's entertainment magazine TimeOut in 2018 before the launch of his superb Netflix doco-series Dark Tourist.


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"Ever since I've been on TV in New Zealand everyone has compared me to Louis Theroux. I think mainly as an insult. 'You're the shit version of Louis Theroux. Get your own ideas. Stop trying to rip this guy off'," he said.

"I've always had that. I guess because I do like meeting people doing odd things or people involved in strange little cults or people that are off the beaten trail."

Now the pair appear to be having some fun with it, with Farrier posting the photo to his social accounts.

For his part Theroux also got in on the fun, tweeting that he was "tickled" to meet the director of the documentary Tickled.

There is no denying the resemblance is uncanny and there was plenty of comedy fodder happening in the comments.