Standings after 191km, 16th and penultimate stage between Nouakchott, Mauritania and Senegalese border.-

Cars: J. Kleinschmidt (Germany) Volkswagen, 2h 34m 49s 1, L. Alphand (France) BMW, at 59s 2, H. Masuoka (Japan) Mitsubishi, 1m 24s 3, N. Saleh Al Attiyan (Qatar) Mitsubishi, 2m 03s 4, J. Maria Servia (Spain) Schlesser-Ford, 2m 41s 5.

Overall: S. Peterhansel (France) Mitsubishi, 53h 28m 32s 1, Masuoka at 51m 23s 2, J-L. Schlesser (France) Schlesser-Ford, 3h 03m 47s 3, Alphand 3h 59m 22s 4, A. Mayer (Germany) Mitsubishi, 5h 48m 24s 5.