All the NRL action between the New Zealand Warriors and the Wests Tigers.

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Warriors playmaker Kodi Nikorima has been offered a cash incentive to run the ball more in tomorrow night's NRL game against the Wests Tigers.

Nikorima confirmed that a bet was made with assistant coach Tony Iro about running more during tomorrow night's game, but insisted it wasn't his motivation to play better.

"He thinks that we're a better team when I take the line on more and have a few more runs. He gave me a limit to how many runs I have and if I beat that, there'll be a bit of cash involved," Nikorima said.


"That's a little incentive there but to be honest I always get disappointed in myself when I don't do anything in the game, whether that's making line breaks or line break assists. I put that on myself and so I know deep down when I've had a good game or a bad game and I definitely feel when I do run the game more, it's one of my better games.

"I go into every game wanting to run the ball so although that's there, it's still not my motivation. My motivation is that I'm doing that because it's the best thing for the team."

Meanwhile, Nikorima also revealed his brother Jayden, who plays for the Redcliffe Dolphins, could be set to come to the rescue for his Warriors teammates Eliesa Katoa and Selestino Ravutaumada.

It was revealed yesterday that the pair won't be allowed back into the country after leaving in May to play in the restart of the NRL, due to both being on New Zealand work visas, although Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the Government is looking into the matter.

But Nikorima said his brother has come up with a potential solution for his teammates.

"My brother Jayden reached out to me and said if they do get stuck here to send them down his way and he'll look after them," Nikorima said. "Obviously, he's out at Redcliffe and that's one of our feeder clubs for next year. Although I joke with him, if that is the case it probably wouldn't be a bad idea."

Nikorima assured team management were working hard behind the scenes to ensure the duo return to New Zealand.