The NFL season is scheduled to start in September in the US, but there is no end in sight for the dramatic escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

The US has more than three million cases of coronavirus and the number continues to climb as the virus runs rampant across the country.

Worried about ensuring revenue from their very lucrative TV deals, the NFL is faced with some tough decisions ahead as it looks at how it can resume the sport when the season returns.

As of yet, no official plan has been announced for the return of the sport.


One sports writer has an idea: move the game out of the US and into New Zealand.

Senior ESPN writer Mina Kimes told The Bill Simmons' Podcast the NFL season should be held in New Zealand as the country is Covid-19 free and sporting events can be held here with no restrictions.

ESPN senior writer Mina Kimes. Photo / Getty Images
ESPN senior writer Mina Kimes. Photo / Getty Images

"What have you heard of the NFL having their season in like New Zealand or something?" the podcast show asked Kimes.

She said: "No, incredibly irresponsible speculation by me".

Simmons said he thought that was a "great" idea.

"I feel like New Zealand would reject us, though it'd be the greatest advertisement for New Zealand, which is gorgeous," he added.

"That could be the NFL in New Zealand, Kiwi football."

The move would not be completely unheard of. The NBA has relocated 22 teams to Walt Disney World in Florida, in preparation for the return of the halted 2019/20 season.


The NBA games in Florida will resume behind closed doors from the end of July.