The NRL's six again rule entered the game next most people loving the new development.

While players and coaches bristled at the new rule, many brushed it off.

But after fans enjoyed the speed and the continuity of the game - even AFL commentators and greats were blown away by it - lopsided matches to start round four may have given fans a glimpse of the rule's true nature.

A record 59-0 result for the Roosters against the Broncos followed by a 26-0 win for the Panthers over the Warriors have delivered some lopsided results.


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Roosters coach Trent Robinson has warned that it may become the normal.

"We are going to see less close scorelines. I think that is a given," he said. "I don't think anyone is going to debate that.

"You are not going to see the closeness of the competition like it has been in the past.

"The most resilient teams will be in the game for 80 minutes and there will be teams who won't be in the game by the 70th minute mark with the new rules."

The Warriors have already experienced both sides of the equation when it comes to the results of the NRL's new rules. Photo / Photosport
The Warriors have already experienced both sides of the equation when it comes to the results of the NRL's new rules. Photo / Photosport

After the 10 matches to restart the season, the average winning margin is a massive 23.1 points, including a 14-all draw between the Panthers and Knights in round three.

Robinson added the speed of the game will come with some unwanted by-products.

"You are going to have to be very good at momentum changes as well as defending them and attacking them," he said. "And that has already caused some distance in scorelines.


"(But) I don't care about what the whole competition looks like, it's about what do we do about it."

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In the match between the Panthers and Warriors, Penrith were on top from the outset, keeping New Zealand scoreless, the third team kept to nil in the 10 games so far.

On Fox Sports' coverage of the game, Michael Ennis said Robinson made a valid point.

"Possession is also an enormous part of that with these new rules particularly around the ruck," he said. "It's going to be the sides who can handle those possession swings and momentum swings but more importantly the response on the back of that."

Stats released from the NRL showed the new rules had a clear effect with three extra minutes of the ball in play, five extra sets per game, 40 less penalties, three line breaks per game and more tries per game.

Last week, the Warriors had 46 from 48 sets and 53 per cent of possession. This week it had 42 per cent of possession and 30 from 38 as they were ambushed by the Panthers.


Whether this trend will continue remains to be seen but it could make for interesting viewing.