Twenty five years ago those famous words by commentator PJ Montgomery rang out around our homes - 'The America's Cup is New Zealand's Cup'. In 2015, the Herald's Dana Johannsen and Alex Robertson talked to

There have been few - possibly no other - sporting wins that captured the nation quite like the 1995 America's Cup.


I - Building the team


II - Building a rocket ship

III - The Build-up

IV - The racing begins

V - The man up the mast

The only point Team NZ lost during the Louis Vuitton round robin was in the jury room.

VI - The competition is sunk

By far the most enduring image of the 1995 regatta is that of One Australia breaking up and sinking during their round robin three match with Team New Zealand. It was the first time in 144 years of competition an America's Cup contender lost a match race by shipwreck.

VII - The new Black Magic

VIII - Louis Vuitton Cup final and the red socks

Remarkably, after returning to the water in their pace boat AUS-31, One Australia managed to advance to the final of the Louis Vuitton Cup, where they met Team New Zealand.

IX - Defenders in disarray

While Team NZ were battling their way through the challenger selection series, the defender was locked in a battle of their own. Three US teams were vying for the right to defend the Cup: Dennis Conner's Stars and Stripes; John Marshall's Young America, and an all-women's crew, skippered by New Zealand's Lesley Egnot and funded by US billionaire Bill Koch.

X - The moment of truth

XI - Bringing it home

"I've never been in a race where I felt so little control of the outcome. I've been in some uphill battles before, but I don't feel like I'm even in a yacht race. It's like I'm just delivering a boat around the course." - Paul Cayard, race 4 post match press conference May 12, 1995.

XII - The America's Cup is now New Zealand's Cup

"That's it" - Brad Butterworth on on-board mic as Team New Zealand crossed the finish line in the final race.

"I really can't tell you much of anything because I'm not fit to speak." - a very jolly Peter Blake addresses the media at the post-race press conference.

XIII - The party

"Over all these years I never felt like giving up the fight for this Cup. This is the greatest moment of my life, it is great to be bringing the Cup back to a nation that will really appreciate it. It will be the best plane trip I've ever had." - Andrew Taylor, quoted in NZ Herald, May 15 1995.

XIV - The homecoming