The Herald Sport is holding a tournament bracket to find the best board game of all time. Vote below in the quarter-final matchups and stay tuned to throughout the week as the tournament progresses based on your votes.

The votes are in and we're down to our final eight.

Over 12,000 votes were cast in the first round of the Herald Sport board games bracket, and we're one step closer to finding out New Zealand's favourite board game.

But before we get to the round of 16 results and the quarter-final voting, here are some board game honourable mentions that didn't quite make the top 16.


If you missed it, read about the first round matchups here. Vote in the quarter-final matchups below.

Honourable mentions


Hmm. Wonder why I chose not to include this one.


The entry level strategy game. Sure it's fun for like 20 minutes, but gets pretty old after a while.


I'm sorry but this game sucks. And it's barely even a board game.



Taboo, in the end, was too similar to Articulate, which ended up filling the 'describing words' quota.

Trivial Pursuit

I've been told by a few people that this was the biggest omission. However, I stand by my decision not to include this game. You like trivia? Just go to a bloody pub quiz or watch The Chase.


It's fine. But Chess is way superior.


Full disclosure: I don't know how to play this game. I'm sure it's a fantastic boomer board game but unfortunately, I don't know many people who still play it.

Every other obscure board game on ''

For this list I focused on games that are popular and easily available. I'm sorry if you're mad that *checks notes* Gloomhaven wasn't on the list. I'm sure it's super fun.

The round of 16 results

The Board Games bracket quarter-finals.
The Board Games bracket quarter-finals.

George Parker conference

1. Monopoly vs 8. Boggle

There was no stopping the number one seed Monopoly from bulldozing past Boggle. Personally, I enjoy Boggle a lot more – it's a fresh new game every time and is short and sweet. But in this bracket, Boggle had as much of a chance as the Warriors at winning a trophy this year.

Monopoly eases through with a whopping 86 per cent of votes.

4. The Game of Life vs 5. Snakes and Ladders

This was a close one. But Life takes it out over a board game classic. Maybe it's because we're so bored in lockdown and desperate for 'life' to happen.

Anyway, Life moves on with 53 per cent of the votes.

3. Cluedo vs 6. Cranium

Another blow out for a board game staple. Cranium, try harder next year.

Cluedo eases into the quarters with 72 per cent of the votes.

2. Risk vs 7. Connect Four

A huge sigh of relief from me. Risk, an early favourite, edges past Connect Four by two percentage points! How did Risk nearly lose to Connect freaking Four? Smh.

Risk came from behind to claim a clutch 51 per cent win – taking it by just 29 votes.

Charles Parker conference

1. Chess vs 8. Codenames

Another blow out. Chess is way too classy, sophisticated and wise to lose in the first round.

Chess takes it with 74 per cent of the votes.

4. Jenga vs 5. Catan

This was probably the matchup of the round – two equally matched opponents going head-to-head in a seven-game series. Jenga ultimately came away with the win. It's a shame to see Catan – a great game, possibly the best – go out like this.

Jenga slightly too good in the end with 57 per cent.

3. Pictionary vs 6. Articulate

In the battle of the describing and guessing games, Pictionary was too strong for Articulate. The seasoned pro takes out the relative newcomer easily.

Pictionary claims it with 76 per cent of the votes.

2. Scrabble vs 7. Balderdash

Another absolute thrashing. Balderdash is fun and all but this was the right result in the end. Scrabble could be a dark horse to go all the way. (A special shoutout to my boss who just saw his favourite game lose in the first round.)

Scrabble claims 84 per cent of the votes.

Voting: Quarter-finals

The Board Games bracket quarter-finals.
The Board Games bracket quarter-finals.

The higher seeds all claimed the wins in the first round. But can they do it again?

George Parker conference

1. Monopoly vs 4. The Game of Life

3. Cluedo vs 2. Risk

Charles Parker conference

1. Chess vs 4. Jenga

3. Pictionary vs 2. Scrabble

• Stay tuned to next week for the semifinals