With the coronavirus pandemic slowing the flow of world sport to a trickle, players and fans have been left crying out for a taste of sport.

So spare a thought for the commentator.

The motor-mouthed men and women who call the action on our televisions and radios have been left rudderless, without purpose, silenced by this global emergency.

Enter Nick Heath, rugby commentator, journalist, and man who won't let the total lack of sport stop him from commentating.


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Heath started calling the everyday action that he saw around his London home, bringing a much-needed touch of humour to Brits and sports fans around the globe.

No activity was too mundane to come under the spotlight.

Two lonely blokes in the park:

Alternative dog racing:

Waiting at the bus stop:


Crossing the road:


Pushing prams in the park:

Fans can't get enough of commentary, with one saying: "Yours is the best twitter feed I've found yet. You're even funnier than Trump is ... only yours is on purpose."

Another added: "I don't think I've laughed harder in the past 2 weeks", while another said "this may well have kept me from going over the edge today".

Even Heath had to give it up when wide-ranging lockdowns were introduced to the UK, telling his followers to stay inside and "be a good citizen eh, not part of the problem".

True to his sports fanaticism, Heath took the game inside and even stepped away from the mic.