Deontay Wilder's trainer has offered a ridiculous excuse for the American fighter's loss against Tyson Fury.

Wilder was floored twice and struggled to take any control of the heavyweight bout in Las Vegas on Sunday. His team decided to throw in the towel in the seventh round.

It was a stark contrast to the boxers' controversial draw when they first met in December 2018.

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Reflecting on what went wrong, Wilder's trainer Jay Deas said the 34-year-old's entrance costume was the contributing factor to his lacklustre performance.

"The Bronze Bomber" entered the arena in a light-up, all-black suit encrusted with jewellery.

Fury, on the other hand, was carried to the ring on a throne as Patsy Cline's Crazy blared out in the MGM Grand.

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury box during their WBC heavyweight title bout. Photo / Photosport
Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury box during their WBC heavyweight title bout. Photo / Photosport

Deas believes the weight of Wilder's suit may have slowed him down during the fight.

"His legs didn't look great to me early on. I didn't think his legs look like they normally look," Deas told Boxing Social.

"I know he came to the ring in the outfit, which was very heavy. I don't know if that had anything to do with it.

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"Tyson's a lot of weight to be putting on you as well.

"I don't know all the answers yet but once I see the film, I'll know more."


Deas' comments have since been slammed by fans on social media.

"Jay Deas was best excuse Wilder had a heavy outfit when he walked out," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"Walking thru the kitchen should've been the excuse Jay Deas!," posted another.

Wilder isn't new to arriving to the ring in jewel-encrusted masks and crowns.

His signature masked-entrances began after he bought one from a shop while visiting New Orleans.

Wilder has said in the past the masked entrance helps him channel his alter ego, the 'Bronze Bomber'.

The loss to Fury was Wilder's first defeat in 44 fights.