Don't expect to see Kiwi heavyweight Joseph Parker get in the ring against Tyson Fury anytime soon.

Fury claimed the WBC title after he dropped Deontay Wilder twice yesterday in their heavyweight title rematch.

Parker, a former holder of the WBO title, is set to fight American Shawndell Terell Winters in Frisco next week was in attendance in Las Vegas on Sunday. It seems that's as close he'll get to the ring with Fury.

Joseph Parker weighs in on Fury victory ahead of his own fight against Shawndell Winters.

"I've said it many times. I'd love to fight him. To test myself against the best in our era. For some reason he doesn't want to fight me," Parker told the Radio Sport Breakfast.


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"He just says 'there's no point in fighting Joseph. I don't want to fight him. I'll never fight him'. And we just leave it like that."

"I know we're close but I don't know why. He has just mentioned it many times that it's a fight he just doesn't want to have. And he wants to fight everyone else expect me. So I'm not quite sure if I'll ever get the chance to fight him," Parker added.

The Kiwi said he was impressed by Fury's performance, calling it 'spectacular'.

"I thought Fury would win on points or a late stoppage. But damn, that performance he put in was actually spectacular. It was no secret. He said he was going to come out and take it to him, and throw more punches. Which he did. He already told everyone his game plan and he executed it very well. It was actually great to watch."

"For you to change your style it takes longer than seven to eight weeks and he changed his style in the seven-week camp he had, which for me is quite incredible. It's not easy to do."

"This has opened up the division again. I have a fight lined up next week which I'm looking forward to and hopefully get this guy out of the way and set up some bigger fights in the near future," he added.