Kiwi combat sports legend Mark Hunt has kicked the idea of a fight against former NRL star Paul Gallen to the kerb, saying talks of the bout are "just annoying."

Reports out of Australia this week suggested a boxing fight between the two was in the works, which would see Hunt make his return to fighting after finishing up his career with the UFC late in 2018.

Speaking to the Herald, Hunt said he had been appraoched about the fight, and not for the first time.

"I've already declined the offer from that guy. I don't know why he's started flapping his mouth to the press about it," Hunt said.


"These guys approached me about it three years ago, so I said the same thing I said three years ago: you can't really come to me when you've got no money and all of this is just talk.

"He's gone and started flapping his gums to the press and it's just annoying to be honest."

Gallen has been boxing professionally since 2014, with nine wins and a draw in 10 career fights. A bout against Hunt, a former UFC heavyweight title contender and champion kickboxer, would be a major step up in competition for the recently retired NRL player.

Hunt said he had given those trying to organise the fight a number that would get him to fight, which was over $1 million. However, he would be open to accepting the fight if it was in support of a charity or a good cause - which wasn't the case in any discussions to date.

"If it was for a charity event - especially for Australian families with the fires and now that the floods are happening, I said if it was for a good cause and you come with the right amount then fine, I'll do it."

Since his last UFC fight in December 2018, Hunt has been working on a number of business ventures including a chain of gyms and wellness centres. He hadn't hung his gloves up for good, however, and was in discussions with several parties about a return to the ring.

"I'm chatting with a few of the guys if they need help, but not doing much in the business of fighting - just business in general.

"I'm just getting on with life."


At this stage, there was no immediate return on the horizon, but Hunt had a good idea of how many fights he had left in him.

"Three years ago I think I lost the interest in competing," he admitted.

"I'm glad I've got the hunger back to finish my career. I'd like to do six more events; one at a time - we'll see how it goes."