San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert rushed for 220 yards and four touchdowns to lead his side to the Super Bowl yesterday, but he was slightly overshadowed by a hat.

Actor Rob Lowe was spotted at the NFC Championship game to decide who would face Kansas City in the final match of the NFL season.

The 49ers ran riot over the hapless Packers in an electrifying first half and maintained their advantage to the end, but it was impossible to tell which side Lowe was on.

Unlike fellow Hollywood icon Matthew McConaughey, who proudly wears his Longhorns gear when supporting his favourite college football team the University of Texas, Lowe was happy to sit on the fence.


The West Wing star was spotted wearing an NFL hat — rather than a hat supporting either the Niners or Packers — and the internet had a field day.

The NFL store sells the hat and it seems sales may have increased with the official site saying they are 'almost gone'.

It was impossible not to notice all the attention and Lowe responded to the hype, saying he was surprised his hat was creating more buzz than the actual match.