Sportstalk host D'Arcy Waldegrave butted heads with a talkback caller about the racist abuse an English cricket player received after yesterday's match.

Jofra Archer claimed a spectator racially abused him during England's first cricket test loss to New Zealand at Mt Maunganui.

The fast bowler's tweeted: "A bit disturbing hearing racial insults today whilst battling to help save my team, the crowd was been amazing this week except for that one guy."

New Zealand Cricket said they would contact and apologise to Archer for the comments, which allegedly came from the scoreboard end.


In a statement, NZC said although security providers at the venue couldn't locate the perpetrator, they will be examining CCTV footage and making further inquiries.

Discussing the topic on Sportstalk, Waldegrave spoke with English-born caller Kerry, who explained he moved to New Zealand in the 70s when Kiwis wore shirts, according to him, that said 'punch a pom a day'.

"You can't bring look back at something 50 years ago and tar us with that," Waldegrave replied.

"You think you're going to stop it, you're never going to stop it. It's fact of life that these things happen in sport, and if you're going to play with the big boys, that's what's going to happen," Kerry replied.

Jofra Archer. Photo / Photosport
Jofra Archer. Photo / Photosport

Waldegrave rejected his argument, arguing that social attitudes can change, as evidenced by the improved treatment of women.

"You're not going to stop it," the caller said.

"What kind of attitude is that?" Waldegrave asked. "Kerry, you're giving up. You're throwing your hands in there air and saying it's never going to stop."

"What do you hope to achieve with this by bowing down and saying it's never going to change?" he added.


"I'm not bowing down," Kerry hit back.

"I have a lot more faith in the human race then you do," Waldegrave said as he hung up the call.