Sonny Bill Williams will watch with interest as Paul Gallen and Barry Hall step into the ring in Melbourne on Friday night, knowing he is set to square off against the winner and collect another huge payday next year.

Former Cronulla Sharks and NSW captain Gallen puts his 9-0 boxing record on the line when he faces former AFL bad boy and Sydney Swans captain Hall in a fight scheduled for six two minute rounds at Melbourne's Margaret Court Arena.

Gallen has long chased a lucrative fight with Williams but to finally secure that, he must first get past Hall, the 42-year-old one-time Australian amateur who will enjoy a 14cm reach advantage.

The winner of Gallen and Hall is expected to progress to bout against Williams next year – a fight that has been touted to have $2 million purses attached to it.


Plenty at stake, then.

Speaking at his first Toronto Wolfpack appearance in London today, Williams confirmed his new two-year contract to play in the English Super League allowed him to continue his boxing career, one in which he holds a 7-0 record.

Sonny Bill Williams. Photo / Getty Images
Sonny Bill Williams. Photo / Getty Images

Williams last fought Chauncy Welliver in January, 2015.

"I've had in my contract throughout my career that clause," Williams said. "Whether it be Paul Gallen or Barry Hall or whoever, time will tell. I'm pretty interested in that fight. There's been a lot of talk between both camps.

"Barry has been out of the ring since he was 18 and he's 42 now. Gal has been fighting consistently for the last two years so that probably gives him the advantage but boxing is a fickle old sport so we'll see how it goes."

Williams also confirmed he has no intent to play in the NRL again.

"I'll be 36 once this contract finishes so I don't think I'll be going back to Australia anytime soon. My wife might love Toronto, we might end up living there, who knows? At the start of this year I'd never expect to be sitting here right now but we're here riding that wave and it's exciting."