Even nursing a broken thumb, Ashvin Goindasamy can't believe how lucky he is.

Because after a horrendous race fall at Te Rapa on Saturday the 21-year-old knows his injuries could be much worse.

Goindasamy was flipped over the neck of Just Treasure soon after the start of the fourth race and not only hit the track but was struck by four following horses.

"They all seemed to hit me. After the third one, I thought, 'okay, that will be the last one'. And then another one stood on my ribs," Goindasamy told the Herald.


"It hurt and I thought I might have suffered a serious injury. I remember the whole thing because I wasn't knocked out, even though I lost my helmet.

"So I probably have got out of it quite well with just a broken thumb, a chipped tooth and being sore today.

"I have had a lot of people contact me and say they can't believe that is all that happened to me, and having seen it a few times now, I can't believe it either."

Goindasamy, who has been in great form and sits sixth on the jockeys' premiership, will have surgery on his thumb today.

Just Treasure was found to be slightly lame after the incident but no horses were harmed in the incident.