South Africa won its third Rugby World Cup, defeating England 32-12 on Saturday night - and wasted no time getting the party started.

South Africa halfback Faf de Klerk quickly leapt into party mode after fulltime, stripping down and celebrating in a pair of patriotic green, yellow and black budgie smugglers.

Rejoicing with his teammates in the dressing room as the Springboks downed champagne from their newly acquired Webb Ellis Cup, de Klerk sported some interesting attire as he showed off just how passionate he is about South Africa.

British TV presenter Piers Morgan joked on Twitter it was the "final indignity for England".


De Klerk even had the courage to greet Prince Harry in his casual get-up, much to the amusement of his teammates.

As part of the celebrations, the 28-year-old de Klerk is seen passing the trophy around as his pals take turns glugging champagne out of the biggest prize in world rugby.

As music blares out in the dressing room, smiles are plastered across the South African faces as they look to savour the moment on the day that they became national heroes and rugby legends.

Players are seen swigging beers and tucking into pizza as they celebrate becoming champions of the world.

Another clip shows Prince Harry, gracious in defeat, delivering a congratulatory speech to the jubilant Springboks.