Follow along live as Steve Hansen and several players discuss the latest from the All Blacks camp ahead of their Rugby World Cup semifinal against England.

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The All Blacks are fully aware they need to maintain or better the level they got to against the Irish – which was spectacular at times as they ran in seven tries.

"That's one of the key things about sport isn't it; being able to repeat and repeat and repeat," Hansen said. "It's probably the hardest thing to do in sport. But one of the hardest things we've striven to do as a group is to be better than we were the day before. We don't always achieve that but if you strive to do it you give yourself an opportunity.

"We know that if we aren't better we aren't going to get what we want so it's pretty simple.


"They're playing good footy so they'll be confident, as we will be. We're playing well ourselves and we just have to make sure as a coaching group and management group where the players can express themselves on Saturday. That's the task."

Hansen said he felt England's first-half defensive effort served to demoralise the Wallabies, who had to chase the game and became increasingly reckless as a result.

"I watched the first half of it and Australia hammered and hammered and got no success. When you get no success you get frustrated. Obviously we can't afford to get frustrated against them. If we're not having success we've just got to keep building the momentum and pressure until we do. Both sides are defending really well. It is going to be a big clash."