The Irish writer New Zealanders love to hate is back with another criticism of Kiwis following the All Blacks' 46-14 quarter-final demolition of Ireland.

Ewan MacKenna, an award winning rugby writer known for his controversial and reactive takes on social media, has doubled down on his anti-haka stance, this time calling out New Zealand for its supposed "neediness and insecurity".

Before the match, Irish fans at Tokyo Stadium sung through the All Blacks haka, seemingly giving the reigning world champions extra motivation in their thrashing of the Irish.

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The response to the traditional pre-match ritual divided fans and pundits, with some labelling it "disrespectful" and others calling it an appropriate response to the challenge.

MacKenna, who took to Twitter to slam Ireland's performance, later turned his attention to Kiwis and the New Zealand media for its coverage of the haka reaction.

"On a side note, is it geographic isolation or what, that for all their talent, the neediness and insecurity ooze in record levels from New Zealand," MacKenna wrote. "They could rob your house and still expect a blow job on the way out the door."

Captain Kieran Read stalks to the front of the formation during the All Blacks' spirited haka before their 46-14 victory over Ireland. Photo / Mark Mitchell
Captain Kieran Read stalks to the front of the formation during the All Blacks' spirited haka before their 46-14 victory over Ireland. Photo / Mark Mitchell

MacKenna – an outspoken critic of all things rugby who also appears to be disliked by many in the Irish rugby community – also took aim at the Ireland team and its fans.

"Irish rugby fans literally standing and celebrating," he wrote on Twitter after the Irish defeat. "I'm genuine in saying this. Complete and utter losers."

"Love how narrative has become that we (Irish) are bunch of good natured people having craic," he said in another tweet. "I and I know other Irish journalists have never in sport come across more abusive, hateful mob who attack anyone who disagrees in most horrid fashion. Now we move to banter? Doesn't work that way."

He also criticised Ireland's performance: "Fun and games aside, and obvious gulf in quality aside, I'm genuinely not sure I've ever seen an Irish team in a big game in international sport display less pride and heart. Not being good enough is forgivable, that isn't. Don't want to be there."

MacKenna first made headlines in New Zealand last month after writing a column calling for a stop to the All Blacks haka, arguing that it "gives New Zealand an unfair advantage".


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In the column published on Pundit Arena, MacKenna asked why the World Cup is still "pandering to the dance".

"That's unfortunate as New Zealand are justifiably big-headed enough without a massaging of their already massive egos."

MacKenna's recent twitter tirades have been met with expected backlash from Kiwis who have urged him to educate himself on Māori culture.

"I think you need to educate yourself in Maori culture to truly understand the significance of the haka," one Twitter user said in reply to another MacKenna tweet criticising the All Blacks haka.

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