Cricket officials may need to conduct a concussion test on Australian cricketer Mark Cosgrove after his latest boneheaded move.

Cosgrove went viral last month when he decided to send a bouncer into the slip cordon using his head.

The truly bizarre clip has now been usurped and it's Cosgrove again who is the main culprit.

Playing for Leicestershire against Glamorgan in English county cricket's division two, the former South Australian Redbacks player had a brainfade to top all brainfades.


After a duck in the opening innings, things were looking up for the Aussie, but disaster struck when he for some reason looked to attempt a quick single after blocking the ball to a fielder who was positioned almost under his helmet.

Cosgrove tried in vain to get back into the crease but the bails were whipped off and the Aussie was sent on his way for 28.

Glamorgan went on to claim victory by 291 runs after bowling Leicestershire out for a lowly 132 in their second innings.

Cosgrove's batting partner summed up the situation perfectly when he simply froze in his crease watching the madness unfold.

Wisden labelled it "the worst attempt at a run ever" and it's really hard to argue against that point.

The field was set in tight for the spinner and Cosgrove even watched as he padded the ball down to the fielder in close.

Why he thought a single was on offer is beyond us. The clip on the other hand has provided plenty of laughs with several fans making the same joke of Cosgrove accidently pressing the run button.

Cosgrove took it all in stride and responded to the run out by referencing the button bashing moment.