Follow our live updates as Team New Zealand launch their America's Cup boat for the first time in Auckland this morning.

Team New Zealand provided a sneak peek at their America's Cup boat ahead of today's morning's official launch.

In a post on Facebook, the team have revealed several photos of their new boat being set up for tomorrow's launch, providing fans with the first chance to see what the boat will look like.

🕵️ The Spies are about to become very busy.

Posted by Emirates Team New Zealand on Wednesday, 4 September 2019

After months of simulations and trials on smaller-scale models while the full-sized model was being built, the moment of truth awaits Team New Zealand tomorrow, where they will get their AC75 in the water.


For the most part, teams have been tight-lipped about the various design aspects of their respective vessels, as the class rule was open in areas such as hull design and the configuration of the mainsail.

All five teams challenging for the Cup are expected to not only have boats on the water, but have them under control and ready to race in April for the first America's Cup World Series regatta.

The teams will race in Cagliari, Sardinia, over four days in late April next year in what will be the first opportunity to see the exciting new vessels in action and a heads-up on how they perform.

The World Series regattas are important in the America's Cup cycle.

The regattas allow teams to test their vessels and identify areas that need to be improved ahead of the main event.

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