Nick Kyrgios wasn't in a happy mood during his match at the Cinicinnati Masters when he was tumbled out by Karen Khachanov.

The fiery Australian blew up midway through the second set after the service clock reportedly started too early, according to Kyrgios.

His outburst lasted for the remainder of the match with his antics labelled "disgusting" by one ESPN commentator and the social media world getting stuck into Kyrgios.

It all resulted in him being handed a monstrous list of fines from the ATP, all of which resulted in a total value of $A167,000.


During his initial outburst in the ninth game of the second set when he began to raise his issue with the service clock, Kyrgios dragged Spainard Rafael Nadal into the equation.

Players have 30 seconds between points to deliver their serve before they're hit with a warning from the chair umpire.

Nick Kyrgios' blow up didn't sit well with fans. Photo / Getty
Nick Kyrgios' blow up didn't sit well with fans. Photo / Getty

Nadal has long pushed the boundaries in between points, taking incredibly long amounts of time going through his tedious routine before delivering his serve and it was there where Kyrgios took aim.

"You're telling me Rafa plays that quick every service ball? That's hilarious bro, hilarious," Kyrgios said.

"I missed the ball, the guy starts the clock.

"If Rafa plays that quick I'm retiring. Retiring from tennis.

"Absolute rubbish … disgrace.

"Get me some footage of Rafa playing that quick, that game. If you can find any of that I'll shut my mouth and never speak again.


"I guarantee you'll find none of that, none of it."

Instead of waiting for the footage to be found for him, Kyrgios has gone ahead and uploaded his own evidence, exposing the irregularity Nadal is afforded.

In a side-by-side video posted to his personal Instagram page, it shows Kyrgios and Nadal both going through their routines ahead of serving. The evidence speaks for itself.

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Kyrgios' serve is delivered after 28 seconds, ahead of the allotted 30 second time frame. Nadal on the other hand is still bouncing the ball away before he finally serves after 41 seconds … 11 seconds more than players are supposed to be allowed.

The video does highlight the luxury some players are afforded, it doesn't however excuse Kyrgios for his actions following the initial outburst.

His latest tantrum which saw him abuse and spit in the direction of a chair umpire was a step too far and could still result in a suspension for the Aussie.


The US Open is just around the corner and all eyes will be locked onto Kyrgios when he steps onto the court for his first round contest.