Cricket legend Shane Warne has jumped to defend a Romanian cricketer whose bowling was ridiculed after a video went viral.

In the video shared on Twitter, bowler Pavel Florin offers up a few juicy full tosses in a European T10 Cricket League match between the Cluj Cricket Club and the Dreux Cricket Club.

Florin went for 13 runs in his one over as Cluj lost by 95 runs but was ridiculed for his bowling style.

Former England international and Black Caps bowling coach Dimitri Mascarenhas was first to defend the Romanian.


"This is the first born & bred Romanian playing cricket. We should be celebrating this amazing achievement. A lot of hard work by some brilliant people have made this happen. Let's just watch and celebrate this truly awesome tournament," Mascarenhas tweeted.

Warne agreed and offered to help.

"Agree 100% ! Cricket is a beautiful game. Well done and congrats to everyone who made this happen. I would love to check this tournament out next year & help out, if you need a helping hand then hit me up ! Congrats again," the Australian great said on Twitter.