Former Ferrari boss Jean Todt has provided a worrying update on the health of Formula One great Michael Schumacher.

Todt, who is a close friend of Schumacher, was part of a special tribute to the seven-time Formula One champion at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, England this week.

Todt told the Daily Express that he was saddened by the fact that his friendship with Schumacher could never be the same again.

"His family is fighting just as much and of course our friendship can not be the same as it once was," Todt said.


"Just because there's no longer the same communication as before."

Since a skiing accident in the French Alps in December that reportedly left Schumacher with brain damage, little has been seen or revealed about the seven-time F1 champion's condition.

"I can only say that his family is taking good care of him and he continues to fight," said Todt.

Luca Badoer, a former Ferrari colleague of Schumacher's, revealed that only a limited amount of people are allowed access to visit Schumacher because of his current condition.

"Only a few people are allowed to visit Schumacher. His wife Corinna decides who is allowed to see him," Badoer told the Express.

Schumacher's former teammate Rubens Barrichello was denied access to visit.

"I tried once but the family refused," Barrichello told the Express.

"They said 'you would not do yourself or him any good with this'."