Come for the game, stay for the emotion - that's a sport Kiwis want to be apart of.

Warning: May contain some coarse language and adult themes, recommended for ages 18+

And when we say emotion we mean we're mentally, physically spiritually spent, what a wild ride Wednesday night... and then Thursday night, was.

How're we going to handle Sunday? That's a thought too daunting to even consider at this point.


Kane Williamson and his troops executed nothing short of a miracle when they dispatched India in the Cricket World Cup semifinal, to again advance to the big dance.

It was a game that affected so many Kiwis around the country, the way sport can bring us together with unadulterated joy and passion is truly staggering, the last few days proved it.

That being said, we thought it remiss of us not to use this platform to try and share a little bit of it. Today we deep dive into what has made this tournament so damn special - even if it has been going for months.

All this plus so much more. Stay Stoked!

In case you didn't know, we're coming at you with episode 66 of the series, (we know you knew, you're an intelligent Stoked listener). If this one tickles your fancy you can catch the backlog on Apple podcasts here, and iHeartRadio here.