Week 3 power rankings: The a-bit-harsh-on-NZ edition

10) Afghanistan (Last week's ranking 10)

Record: 0-5-0

What a train wreck. Nobody expected Afghanistan to be semifinalists but they earned their way into the tournament by playing a lot better cricket than they've managed here. Their batting is naïve, their fielding a shower and Rashid Khan, their ace, looks broken beyond repair

9) Sri Lanka (9)

Record: 1-2-2


You know things are going down the gurgler when your only fight comes from management complaining about green-tops and practice facilities. They might have a point, but they'd be a lot better off spending

8) West Indies (5)

7) Pakistan (6)

6) South Africa (7)

5) Bangladesh (8)


4) New Zealand (3)

3) Australia (4)

2) England (2)

1) India (1)