Casey McElroy loved 'every second' when she created history by playing in a men's Aussie Rules game.

She also knew that what came next would not be so lovely.

While Ellen Glouftsis recently became the first women to umpire in the AFL match, actually playing in a men's game is still a no-no.

So McElroy's South Australian country club is facing penalties for letting her play, even though the team was short of male players.


The Padthaway Lions knew they would be in trouble before she lined up in their reserves team, which plays in the Kowree-Naracoorte-Tatiara Football League (KNTFL), the ABC reports.

Reaching the heights - Ellen Glouftsis umpires in the AFL. Photo / Photosport
Reaching the heights - Ellen Glouftsis umpires in the AFL. Photo / Photosport

Emotion swayed their decision, the McElroy family being integral to the club since its inception.

"It was what we always dreamed of and for me to be in the same guernsey (jersey) as my dad was wearing, it was pretty unreal," said McElroy, who has no brothers.

But rules are rules, and an official said McElroy and the club had created a "serious risk of breaching the AFL's national insurance policy".

McElroy, a best and fairest award winner in the local women's league, was deemed an unregistered and unqualified player who was breaking community football regulations.

But those involved have no regrets.

McElroy said: "I'm one of three girls and I was always out the back with Dad doing farm work or kicking the footy so it's always been in my blood.

"I've only had two years of actually playing but they've been the best two years.


"(playing in the men's game) was one of the best sporting moments of my life, it really was up there…I loved it, loved every second."