US TV meteorologist George Flickinger interrupted Game 7 of the Western Conference NBA semifinals with a tornado warning — and found himself on the receiving end of a backlash from disgruntled sports fans.

Flickinger, who was fired from another station in 2006 for interrupting an NFL game with a wildfire warning, broke into the basketball game with a split-screen to warn viewers of the potential danger.

Sports fans were not impressed.

"We get it, there's a tornado, it's been on the TV for over 20 minutes and I'm trying to watch the last three minutes, not on the B.S. split screen," said one disgruntled viewer.


Another said: "I thank you for absolutely ruining Game 7 of Denver versus Portland because you have to show a f*****g tornado warning for over half an hour."

In the face of the complaints, the weatherman fronted the cameras again to scold the complainants and remind them that he was trying to save their lives.

Over footage of destroyed homes and widespread damage from previous storms, Flickinger said: "Tonight, we are not going to apologise."

"Whenever there is a tornado warning, lives are at risk...You never know when someone new is tuning in, looking for critical information to protect themselves and their families.""