Kim Kardashian has found herself as the butt of a widespread joke made by Arsenal fans about her dedication to her Armenian heritage.

When Arsenal take the pitch in Azerbaijan against Chelsea for the Europa League final next week, they'll do so without Armenian star Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Mkhitaryan decided not to travel with the team as, due to political tensions stretching back three decades between Armenia and Azerbaijan, his safety could not be guaranteed.

Arsenal fans have since looked for any way to get the star midfielder included in the squad, including messaging Kardashian on social media.


Quoting a tweet from Kardashian, @1Walid1 fumed: "Armenian when it's convenient, yet silent on the issue of Mkhitaryan playing in the Europa League final? You're a disgrace to your federation."

Another user, @RaveHawk2012, appeared to genuinely appeal for support.

"Hi Kim, not sure if this message will find you but, if it does, do you think you could help support Armenia's football captain? He's had to pull out of a final because he's Armenian. Is there a way you could help Henrikh? Thanks," the user tweeted.

Kardashian's ancestry to Armenia comes through her father's side and she visited the country with her family in April 2015.

In an interview with the BBC, Arsenal's club captain Laurent Koscielny addressed Mkhitaryan's situation, and said: "When one country has a political problem with another then UEFA shouldn't give the final to that country.

"We want Mkhi with us because he is an important player for Arsenal. But we know about the problems and if he thinks he can't be safe it's better for him to stay here.

"This final is very far for the fans of both teams and it's difficult and very expensive to travel to Baku. We will play the game but it's not the final we dreamed of."