The man who alleged at least three Crusaders players intimidated him in a fast food restaurant in Cape Town is frustrated that he is still waiting for CCTV footage.

Alexandros Paterimos, who says the incident took place in the McDonald's restaurant on Long Street in Cape Town, posted an update on Instagram after seeking CCTV footage to prove his story.

"We are still working on getting the CCTV footage," he wrote late Tuesday night (NZT).

"McDonald's is refusing to give us the footage without an officer present, and unfortunately our law enforcement system is VERY SLOW at the moment."


The Crusaders have also contacted the McDonald's branch and requested the footage, and haven't received a response.

Paterimos hasn't spoken to the media and stands by his claims in an earlier Instagram post.

"If you think we're doing this for attention, think again. Why would we want a bunch of homophobic rugby supporters attention?"

Alexandros Paterimos is growing frustrated with the wait for CCTV footage. Photo / Instagram/@alxethelion
Alexandros Paterimos is growing frustrated with the wait for CCTV footage. Photo / Instagram/@alxethelion

Yesterday, the Crusaders and NZ Rugby announced that they are jointly reviewing allegations of player misconduct from Crusaders players while on tour.

All Black George Bridge is at the centre of the alleged homophobic incident, while Richie Mo'unga has also been accused of spitting beer at a woman in a Cape Town bar and inappropriately touching her, according to a Radio New Zealand report.

NZ Rugby Chief Rugby Officer Nigel Cass yesterday confirmed that enquiries started as soon as staff were alerted by Crusaders management.

"The allegations that have been made about players, in two different incidences, are very serious. These allegations are about abuse, inappropriate and offensive behavior, and we do not tolerate this," he said.

"We have very strong values of respect, inclusion and tolerance in Rugby – there is no place for the type of behavior that has been described.


"At the same time, the players are refuting the details of the claims made. Because the nature of these allegations is serious, it is important that we carefully look at these claims without prejudice or assumptions.

"We are reaching out to the individuals who have made these allegations and urging them to formally lodge their complaints with the Independent Complaints Management Service, which is run by highly regarded lawyer Steph Dyhrberg. We have already discussed with Ms Dyhrberg her involvement in coordinating an investigation into both incidents."