NZ Rugby has been forced to apologise after the wife of one of the country's leading players took them to task over a sexist sign at a top Auckland club.

A fan took to Twitter to post a collection of images of "offensive" content plastered on the walls of the Takapuna Rugby Club.

The tweet was then brought to NZ Rugby's attention by Bridie Nanai, wife of Blues outside back Melani Nanai, who demanded an explanation from the governing body.

One of the images at the club posted in the original tweet, which has since been deleted, read: "Virginity is like a balloon, one prick and it's gone."


NZ Rugby said they have contacted Takapuna Rugby Club and North Harbour Rugby about removing the images.

"Hi Bridie. Thank you for making us aware of these unacceptable images," NZ Rugby said in response to Nanai.

"They have no place in any rugby environment. Takapuna Rugby Club and North Harbour Rugby have been contacted and are working with urgency to have these images removed."

However, NZ Rugby's response was not enough for some fans who questioned how long the images were ignored by NZ Rugby officials.

"How many times did NZ Rugby officials walk past these "unacceptable images" and say nothing, do nothing?" asked one fan. "You are complicit in normalising these attitudes. And it is the ATTITUDES depicted, in addition to the images, which cause serious offence.

"Every male player, official, Union representative has a mother, possibly sisters and daughters too.

"You demean us all by maintaining and enabling a sporting culture which perpetuates offensive stereotypes."