The Netherlands syndicate hoping to challenge for the America's Cup believes their campaign won't be as expensive as many believe.

While some syndicates have a deep war chest, such as INEOS Team UK's estimated $210 million budget, DutchSail skipper Simeon Tienpont suggested a competitive campaign can be built on a smaller budget.

Speaking to Dutch sailing magazine Zeilen, Tienpont said he believed a serious challenge would require about a quarter of the estimated budget of their British rivals.

"Everyone had an image of hundreds of millions [of dollars] but that turned out to be very bad," he said. "It is no more than one-and-a-half times an Ocean Race campaign."


Zeilen reported an Ocean Race campaign cost around $25 million, with Tienpont estimating that an America's Cup tilt would come with a $63 million price tag.

DutchSail, a late entry in the hunt for the Auld Mug, were one of three teams rumoured to be in doubt for the 2021 America's Cup in Auckland due to struggles with funding. Fellow late entrants Stars and Stripes Team USA and Malta Altus are also thought to be struggling.

But Tienpont dismissed talk of his team withdrawing from the event at this stage, with the Dutch squad still looking to lock in a name sponsor as well as opening the doors to public sponsorship.

"We have a number of hot irons in the fire and that is super exciting," he said. "Now we have three parties that are very tangible. It must now be completed in the coming weeks. We have to go loose, order materials and build a boat."

"We have a number of hot irons in the fire and that is super exciting," says skipper Simeon Tienpont. Photo / Photosport

Stars and Stripes have also knocked back the thought that their campaign was running on fumes, and said they remained focused on being in action in Auckland in two years.

Rather than quit, Stars and Stripes have expanded their efforts to challenge for the oldest trophy in sports, with structural changes made recently.

The team has recruited additional top-flight America's Cup management, marketing and fundraising talent, including some from Dennis Conner's victorious Stars and Stripes 87 team, to join the team and its advisory board.

Stars and Stripes skipper Mike Buckley also said the team had redoubled their "commitment to the commitment" in a recently-released statement.