Popular ESPN host Max Kellerman has denied farting his way through sports talk show First Take after social media blew up at suggestions he broke wind during the six-minute segment - and tried covering it up by coughing.

Kellerman and Stephen A Smith were debating Kevin Durant's ejection in Game One of the Golden State Warriors' playoff series to the Los Angeles Clippers when he could purportedly be heard passing gas several times.

According to the New York Post, Kellerman can be heard clearing his throat at least twice in an attempt to hide the fart noises.

The segment was widely shared on Twitter with several users trying to get to the bottom of things.


Kellerman, however, insisted it was all hot air.

"Right before I got off the set I saw this, right before the last commercial break, and I tried to listen for it and I couldn't hear it," Kellerman told ESPN's Dan Le Batard Show.

"Even just now when you played it, I couldn't hear it. But let's say there was that noise, I don't know who dealt it. It wasn't me, that's all I can tell you."