Israel Folau has been copping it from most sides for his social media attacks.

But now one of the most important figures in Australian rugby has criticised his playing ability, with other former internationals also weighing in.

Folau says he will fight to keep his career alive but Rugby Australia's elite coaching director Rod Kafer says the Wallabies are better off without him.

Kafer was seen as one of the main brains in the great Brumbies era, although his test career was fairly limited.


Kafer told Fox Sports: "If we just take the Wallabies view, we've struggled to find actually Israel's best position for the Wallabies.

"He is a player that brings some real unique characteristics.

"But … in international rugby I don't think he's been an outstanding player and I think we compensate around him, we have to pick different players in different positions.

"I think the game has in some ways moved on."

Kafer went much further, saying he lacked a team ethos.

"This is a guy that has got unbelievable skills, but I don't necessarily see him as a great team player," Kafer said.

"His work ethic's not great, he doesn't work that hard off the ball (and) defensively there are issues. I'm not a massive fan."

"I think there's always the champion team and the team of champions and there's no question that this guy is a unique athlete, absolutely, but we've also got some really good, young athletes who given the right opportunity to come through may also prove to be pretty good as well.


"The game is never beholden to a single individual. The game of rugby's bigger than all of its individuals and it moves on and you find different strengths and different things."

Former Australian fullback turned TV commentator Greg Martin weighted in, saying: "He's gone, move on to the next one. Dane Haylett-Petty is ready to be the Australian fullback and I reckon Israel would have been the right winger again this year."

Former lock Justin Harrison said for all of Folau's abilities, his winning percentage was only 47.26.

"He's had a decent highlights reel, but what Kafer's alluding to, consistency across the board, he really hasn't delivered on some of the things that he was supposed to deliver on, which is winning test matches," Harrison said.

"In fact, I can remember Test matches he's lost for us."

Folau has been stood down by New South Wales following his latest religious-based attacks saying hell awaits various people including drunks, homosexuals, adulterers and atheists.

Rugby Australia intends to terminate his contract.