TJ Perenara has sent a heartfelt message of support to the Muslim community in the wake of the terror attack in Christchurch.

On Friday night, the Hurricanes halfback put his side's draw with the Chiefs into perspective, then last night took to social media to express deep feelings about the wider issues surrounding the shooting, which has killed 49 people.

In his post on Instagram, the 27-year-old reveals he sat and comforted a crying Muslim woman at the airport on Saturday morning, and says it might be time for some "uncomfortable conversations" about why their community is being targeted.

He says while it might have felt like everyone was at risk, he believes not all were in that category, though that everyone should be responsible in taking ownership of "who we are as a country".

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While as cities and a nation we are all devastated by what happened yesterday, let’s not lose sight of the fact that yesterday’s terrorist attacks were targeted at the Muslim community. While it may have felt like it, we were not all at risk. We were not all unsafe. But we are all responsible for joining the wider conversation about racism, about white supremacy, about who we are as a country, and what’s actually going on. I walked through the airport this morning and saw Muslim people going about their day in fear, including one woman that I and a couple of others sat with while she cried. I thought about how they were in fear as their community has been attacked, and how they would also be in fear if the perpetrator had been Muslim and the victims random, afraid for themselves and their children due to potential backlash from others in the community. At what point do they get to rest? Why is everyone else able to go about their day? Why does the responsibility for such devastating actions by individuals get placed on entire communities in some cases but not others? The reality is I know why. If you don’t know why, once we have had time to grieve, it might be time for some uncomfortable conversations. In the mean time I implore you to support our Muslim community through donating to one of the fundraisers currently happening. To our Muslim brothers and sisters - kei te heke ngā roimata, kei te ngākau pōuri au, ka aroha ki a koutou. I am so sorry this happened to you here. You should have been safe here, you should be safe everywhere. My heart is so heavy.

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After the Hurricanes draw with the Chiefs on Friday night, Perenara said:

"Regardless of how that result went, that wouldn't have been the most important part of my day and I don't think anyone in this circle or in this country would say that this was the most important thing today, and that comes from a very competitive person who would do pretty much anything to win," Perenara told media after the match.

"My mind was on the game when I was in the game, but today was bigger than rugby."