Kiwi poker player Hamish Crawshaw has made the final table at one of the world's biggest poker tournaments.

Crawshaw was one of 822 players to pay $11,140 to enter the Aussie Millions main event at Crown Casino in Melbourne last week and after four days of play is among the seven players left.

Crawshaw has already locked up at least $254,000 for his deep run, but could take home a whopping $1.9 million if he wins the tournament.

The 27-year old from Palmerston North is in a rich vein of form, after winning the Festival of Poker main event at Auckland's Sky City casino in November last year for $57,150.


Crawshaw sits fifth in chips, but lost a huge pot to chipleader Mike Del Vecchio on the final table bubble.

Here's how Pokernews reported the hand:
Hamish Crawshaw raised to 110,000 and was called by Andrew Hinrichsen, Mike Del Vecchio and Gyeong Byeong Lee. The flop brought {10-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{5-Spades} and the action checked to Crawshaw, who continued for 150,000. Hinrichsen raised to 425,000 and Del Vecchio announced a check-raise to 2,000,000 with very few chips behind. Lee quickly got out of the way, while Crawshaw called and Hinrichsen folded. After the {2-Hearts} turn, the remaining 180,000 of Del Vecchio went in and Crawshaw called. Mike Del Vecchio: {5-Hearts}{5-Diamonds} Hamish Crawshaw: {A-Hearts}{10-Hearts} Del Vecchio faded the elimination with the {Q-Hearts} river and doubled into the lead on the outer table.

The final table will resume tomorrow at 2.30pm NZT. The final table action will be streamed live on Twitch with commentary by Jason Somerville.

Payouts (In AUD)
1. 1,850,000 AUD
2. 1,130,000 AUD
3. 662,500 AUD
4. 483,000 AUD
5. 380,300 AUD
6. 309,000 AUD
7. 242,000 AUD