Former UFC star Brendan Schaub is the latest to criticise Floyd Mayweather's hasty knockout victory of Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, saying he has seen "better acting in pornos".

Mayweather put the Japanese kickboxing sensation down three times on his way to a first-round knockout win.

The five-weight boxing world champion pocketed a reported $13 million for the bout, as Nasukawa was left humiliated and in tears in front of his supporters.

But many critics and fans claimed that the fight was fixed after Nasukawa's corner threw in the towel after just 136 seconds.


Schaub, a former heavyweight fighter in the UFC, joined the chorus of dissenters, claiming the fight was staged.

"I've seen better acting in pornos," he told Boxing Scene.

"Floyd's just doing his thing, he's the aggressor, so it's not as hard to fake it. But Tenshin needs acting skills.

"They should have got someone to work with him on falling down, getting hit in the face, and all that.

"Of course this is fake. Who cares?

Schaub did, however, praise Mayweather for getting paid the ridiculous sum that he did.

"But of course this is fake. Come on, you believed that?

"He made nine million, we should be celebrating that.


"Hopefully Tenshin made some money, they're not releasing that. All we know is that Floyd got paid."